The persuasive power of Haptics

Right from the very beginning, we explore the world with our hands. With every touch, we create a mental picture of our environment and sense the people and things we care about. Nonetheless, real-life experience is still of great importance in the digital age, since we often communicate with friends or discover products without actually touching smelling or really experiencing them.

A promotional item is the only means of communication which can fully exploit the qualities of haptic perception. It communicates with its receiver by implicitly encouraging touch and motion patterns, thus triggering the associated emotions.

We help you to attract attention and win the sympathy of your target audience with creative solutions, which reflect your company’s values, persuade your customers and fill them with enthusiasm.

And the winner is…


We are happy to announce that we were able to take home the Promotional Gift Award once again – one of the most important industry awards. After receiving the award for our “Billy Boy Bettfitness” campaign in the previous year, it was awarded to us in 2014 for our extraordinary Advent calendar for the “Best Practice” category. The Promotional Gift Award has been awarded by the Cologne-based publishing house WA Media since 2003 and is a renowned design and communication award for promotional items, underlining the industry’s latest innovations.

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