A consistent performance is indispensable.

Whether it’s about the small or big things – we are always seeking to support you with the appropriate promotional item.

Custom-made items

What could reflect your company’s uniqueness better than creative and customized promotional material?

Set yourself apart from the competitors and surprise your customers, partners or employees with products that have never been seen in this way before. We materialize your ideas or find a solution together which is outstanding, enthusing and suits your needs perfectly.

Equipment for events

Are you planning an event or a trade fair appearance and are you still searching for visual aids to set the scene your program?

We are on hand to support your event management with attention-grabbing promotional items and with our creative and unique giveaways, we make sure that your guests will remember you, even after the event has ended.


Be it small or bulk orders or custom-made items – we have competent manufacturers at hand which cover every area.

We offer high-quality clothing for women, men, children and babies.  Our products are manufactured in Europe using the latest printing methods. Simply contact us – we have the necessary know-how and would like to transform your ideas into appealing clothing in order to convey your message.

On-Packs & additional items

Sales aids and additional items are subject to a number of provisions. We ensure that you don’t lose track of all the important factors and use your space on the shelf profitably. We work from your perspective and take your brand’s and your product’s individual demands into consideration.

This is how we succeed in making optimum use of the production line of your promotional items during the process.

Additional mail items

We offer small and exquisite postage-optimized promotional items which blend seamlessly into your communication as a direct marketing mailing addition.


Why not add that little extra?

Besides numerous branded products, we also offer affordable and customized solutions for your employees. The focus is on quality and flamboyance. Together with you, we intend to create the special kind of high-quality promotional gifts.

Raffle Items

Raffle items are primarily supposed to provide joy while triggering a moment of ‘Ah hah’ among your customers. However, these items still have to suit your brand and fit the overall image of your communication.

In collaboration with you, we will find the right promotional item from which you can reap the full benefits and which will brighten up your customer’s day.


Today, we communicate at any place, at any time and in every direction. It’s pretty amazing actually. However, it is all the more difficult for brands and companies to be heard. The power of emotional messaging lies in its ability to touch hearts, stimulate interest and generate popular appeal.

We believe that every brand has fascinating and inspiring narratives to tell. We believe that communication should always have a positive appeal. True to our company name, we strive to leave you with a good gut feeling.

It is this conviction that drives us to bring brands and companies into an active dialogue.